The Hercules Story: James Breyer, Founder & CEO.

Hercules Electric Mobility was founded in December 2018, in Detroit to bring more fun to electrified mobility, and re-imagine what power and luxury means in mobility. James’s vision is to build enthusiasm for electric mobility by bringing the clean but powerful technology to recreational mobility products. In order to achieve greater market adoption for electric vehicles, people must be allowed to experience how much better electric propulsion is for performance and excitement, with quiet and clean being the extra benefit not only benefit. Hercules is intent on increasing adoption of clean technology, beyond incentives or mandates, and drive three shifts in mobility products: Fun and capable rugged luxury products, seamless technology integration and democratizing automotive manufacturing.

Hercules Alpha Concept

James created Hercules to shift the way automotive is thought of, by creating a company which brings customers a better experience from direct purchase and ownership experience, an exciting operating experience and improved manufacturing process. James’s background spans nearly 25 years in the automotive electrification and autonomy business. Seeing the large OEMs approach electrification with the same tired approach for boring and low-appeal small car bodies wrapped around an otherwise exciting and powerful electric powertrain. People in North America want bigger vehicles with more power and better features, Hercules mission is to deliver higher power and higher performance in forms
the customer wants and appreciates. Bringing a truly luxury pickup coupled with a high-performance electric powertrain, with other large SUV models following along the roadmap, is the Hercules path for success.

James has been joined by two co-founders, Julie Tolley and Greg Weber. Greg and Julie both have tremendous careers in the automotive industry. Julie brings years of executive leadership from Eaton, Visteon, and more recently Gentherm, Inc. Julie is heading up the corporate strategy and development for Hercules. Greg Weber is the Chief Technical Officer and heading up the engineering development activities for Hercules. Greg has 30+ years leading R&D activities for powertrain controls, ADAS, and high-voltage battery developments. Prior to Hercules, Greg held senior level positions at FCA, Tenneco Automotive, and LG-Chem.

Shown Left to Right: Greg Weber, James Breyer, and Julie Tolley

Hercules is bringing to market electric recreational mobility products, which showcase the exhilarating power and performance of electric propulsion, with a fully connected digital user experience. Hercules is designing its first vehicle to be an aspirational performance vehicle with over 1000HP, a refined and luxurious interior which is contemporary and modern, with an immersive digital user experience, equally
focused on the passenger’s experience as the driver’s. Hercules is founded on the principles to bring a better experience to the customer, through better products and utilizing a better way to build and deliver the ultimate customer experience. The Hercules Alpha electric pickup is the first product on the roadmap, which brings together super-car performance coupled with refined luxury and an immersive digital user experience. The Alpha also is bringing revolution to the way the vehicle is powered, through its incorporation of integrated solar charging. The amount of solar charging will depend on regional sunloading but will provide from 5 to 19 miles of free charging daily. Hercules will also be offering a fuelcell range extender option, which allows customers to shift to hydrogen fuel, as it becomes more commonly available. The Hercules Alpha pickup is a highly capable truck, with extraordinary power and performance, also allows the user to utilize its energy for off-board power while camping, or at work sites, or emergency power during a power failure. Hercules owners will truly be delighted with the rich experience and other techo-luxuries built into the Hercules Alpha architecture, from driver assistance and specialized operational modes for on-road or off-road capability and rugged luxury.

Hercules has also set out to change the way automotive and mobility products are produced, by creating a lower capital approach to vehicle builds, utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies and techniques which are scaled to the smaller volume production and allow high degree of personalization for each vehicle. Hercules is utilizing a high craftsmanship build process complimented by 3d printing and other ultra-flexible manufacturing processes to shift from mass production to mass customization. This mass customization process allows Hercules to offer made to order products at a scale appropriate for an aspirational vehicle and yet at an achievable price-point. Hercules is leading the shift in the automotive industry from high-volume, high capital, automated manufacturing to small volume ultra-flexible manufacturing which allows higher levels of on-demand customization and allows faster and cheaper model to model change. This shift toward a truly democratized manufacturing is ideal to address shifts in customer demand, avoid costly inventory, and scale production through digital only asset transfers.

Hercules Electric Mobility is changing the way automotive and recreational mobility products are created and consumed. Hercules leadership team is committed to delivering unique, powerful, and fun electric mobility products for those who truly want something better. Hercules Alpha is coming to market very soon, with a 2021 sales introduction timing. Hercules will also be making available an even more specialized Founder’s Edition to the Alpha, with a limited production offering with invitation only purchasing opportunities.


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